The Doctor Is Not In The House

House ended today, when we gave up on the popular television series. What was once entertaining had become background noise, struggling to gain attention over web surfing, email and Facebook. It just wasn’t a very good story, anymore.

Why do good stories head south? Do writers run out of ideas? Does every long story arc devolve into a soap opera, and a poor one at that? House began as a medical mystery but ended up as a romance, and once the relationship was consummated there was no longer any reason to watch. The “what-done-it” nature of the medical mystery had taken a back seat to the interplay of two characters, bound to re-tell the denouement of their sexual tension episode after episode, until the series is cancelled. Look for that to happen right after advertisers start looking elsewhere, as we did.

Next in line: Lie To Me. Lie to someone else…