The Washington Redskins used to be a premier NFL football team. Not so much anymore. But they’ve lost something more than the ability to win.

Donovan McNabb was, surprisingly, cut and traded to the Redskins by the Philadelphia Eagles earlier this year. So the Redskins had a new, capable, and by all accounts well-respected quarterback, finally. He was benched for the balance of the season this past week, and will be rotated to third-string status after today’s game in Dallas. And now this, he’s made to walk out to mid-field for the coin-toss. From the bench.

Maybe McNabb just doesn’t have it anymore. Maybe Andy Reid and was wise to unload him when he did, and more, knew there was no danger in trading him to the Redskins, an NFC-East rival. Maybe it is time to evaluate the other two quarterbacks to see who will start next season. But does McNabb deserve to be embarrassed, too? There’s just one word for this previously-premier team: crass.