The NFL Foot, 18 Games, Playoffs, Redskins

So this is the gamut of my football thinking. I’m talking NFL football, although college ball is more exciting in a Keystone Kops sort of way, because it’s almost always played on my day off. College games are played on Saturdays, and I’m working during most of them. About the only college game I could hope to catch is the weekly Notre Dame game on NBC, but their post-game sway makes me sea-sick.

We can expect to see an 18-game schedule next season if the NFL and the NFL Player’s Association come to a contract agreement this year. They will, and we will. Bad idea, because they’re pushing into too-many-games territory. The NFL season is great because just as you start taking it for granted, it’s over. Yet a month after the Super Bowl you’re looking forward to the Combine, then the draft, then they publish team schedules, and then talk of the pre-season begins. There’s a balance to the season vs. off-season that tips too far one way when there are 18 games.

The playoffs have arrived, and today brought the first post-season surprise: the Seahawks beat the defending Super Bowl champs, the Saints. In regulation time. Didn’t see that coming. I’m watching the Jets-Colts game now, and they’re closely matched enough to have just one score by the half. Looks like the Seahawks game was the one to watch. Expect the Colts to eliminate the damn Jets tonight.

Which brings me to the Jets. I’m from New York, and in New York, unless you’re a sports nut, the teams are an either-OR proposition. Either you’re a Yankees OR Mets fan, Giants OR Jets, Rangers OR Islanders. I like to see the Giants do well these days, even though I root for our hometown Redskins. I hate the Jets. Rex Ryan makes it easy, too.

That reminds me, what do you call 46 millionaires watching the Super Bowl? The Redskins. Another year, another disappointment. We’ve lived in Virginia for almost 13 years now and we’ve never seen a hint of why the Washington DC area is crazy about this team. They’ve found so many ways to lose. I guess we have another 10 or eleven years here, before retirement to a year-round warmer destination, so maybe we’ll get lucky.


Update: The Jets won with a field goal as time expired. Shame.