Verizon iPhone Is Real

After kicking themselves for much of the past three years, Verizon Wireless executives today unveiled an Apple iPhone that will operate on their CDMA-based wireless network. The only question that remains is, what happens when hoards of new iPhone users descend upon their service?

Andy Ihnatko, via The Chicago Sun-Times, writes:

Speaking of sacrifices, what will the arrival of millions of iPhones do to Verizon service? iPhones bring a problem not just with their sheer numbers, but by the fact that its users tend to make exceptionally heavy use of the data plan.

As Andy goes on the write, best to sit tight and wait for this summer’s iPhone 5 announcement. By then we’ll have hard numbers on VZW network performance under the load of new iPhone activations, and there’s a small chance that that next-generation model will bring LTE (4th generation) capability. Perhaps a single, CDMA/GSM/LTE model?