Chinese Green Movement Slams Apple?

From 9to5 Mac:

The Institute of Environmental and Public Affairs (IPE) said Apple had refused to confirm if suspected polluters were among the suppliers it used, and is also accused of avoiding taking responsibility for environmental problems associated with its products

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However, 2010 saw a dangerous incident at Apple component supplier, Wintek. There poisonous chemicals used in manufacture of displays for Apple’s mobile devices resulted in many workers being hospitalized for nerve damage. It also saw workers launch a lawsuit against the company and go on strike.

Wintek has stopped using that chemical now, but Apple has not acknowledged it uses the company for component supplies, the campaigners complain.

The activists are going after a target of opportunity, because they can’t hit the right targets on their own. If manufacturers are using dangerous chemicals and polluting, take the issue directly to them. Apple contracts for its manufacturing and has policies in place requiring workplace standards. They refuse to disclose the identity of their contractors for competitive reasons. That’s not the same as violating the standards themselves.