Marco: Bugged

Marco Arment:

“Like racial, gender, and sexual-orientation discrimination, the direction we’re going over time is obvious, although we’re moving too slowly for many people (or too quickly, if you’re on the ‘conservative’ side of these issues).”

The tide of history, as Marco points out, is obvious. The sticking point with affordable health care for many is the intersection of social policy and economic reality. It costs nothing to admit error and embrace social change away from discrimination. Pursuing national health care, however, requires understanding and accepting the logical progression that group savings will overwhelm individual expense.

It helps, then, that we recognize the evidence at hand: that an individual’s expenses, spread over a broad-enough group, and a group’s economic weight employed as a bargaining tool, can combine to keep the growth of expenses closer to the prevailing rate of inflation than an individual will experience on his or her own.