Kindle ‘Paperwhite’ E-reader Announced

Sam Byford, writing for The Verge:

“Amazon just announced the latest iteration of its ‘traditional’ Kindle e-reader. It uses the expected new ‘paperwhite’ screen technology for a sharper (212 ppi) and higher-contrast display, and also features a frontlight”

Amazon announced a slew of new “reader” products today. Most can safely be ignored.

Skip the Fire. Buy an iPad, or the upcoming iPad “mini”, if you’re in the market for a tablet computer.

Skip all other iterations of the Kindle. Why buy a lower-contrast device when the paperwhite version is available for a few more bucks?

Skip 3G connectivity. Wifi at home is more than enough for book, magazine and newspaper (what’s that?) downloads. See “iPad,” above, if your needs exceed this.

If you’re in the market for a simple, low-priced “reader” you’ll do no better than the latest, paperwhite background Kindle Touch for $119.