Meg Whitman: We Are Going To Release A Smartphone At HP

Jay Yarow, writing for Silicon Alley Insider:

“Speaking with Fox Business, Whitman says, ‘We ultimately have to offer a smartphone,’ because the future of computing is smartphones. In developing countries people aren’t going to buy HP desktops or laptops. If HP doesn’t want to be hosed, it has to deliver a smartphone.”

Great, another Android clone. Just what the market needs.

The only company making smartphone money (other than Apple) is Samsung, and they just lost a billion-dollar lawsuit to Apple for copying the iPhone’s design and operation. The rest of the Android clone makers are, well, the rest. One more is just one more also-ran.

We haven’t yet heard from Microsoft, whose Windows Phone 8 OS should appear before year’s end. Their technology previews look promising. I’ll bet their phones are a viable alternative to Apple’s iPhone 5/iOS 6 combination.

What’s left for HP? Maybe they’ll innovate and offer something truly new in the smartphone space. Skull implant? Wearable communications? Pay-by-touch? What?