RIM CEO: "We’re Not Sleeping Much"

Ina Fried, writing for All Things Digital:

“RIM Chief Executive Thorsten Heins says the BlackBerry maker is gearing up for a big launch for the first BlackBerry 10 devices in the first quarter of next year.

‘I think we have a clear shot at being the No. 3 mobile ecosystem in the world,’ Heins said.”

Ouch. Aiming high, huh?

Remember when Blackberry phones were the hot item? Before the original iPhone set the smartphone world on fire, a “crackberry” was the device to have. News stories abounded about users unable to put down their Blackberrys, rising mid-night to check mail messages and toting them along on vacation. How times have changed.

By refusing to evolve their basic design, relying instead upon the Blackberry messenger technology that let users avoid wireless carrier messaging fees and mind-share momentum to sell phones, Research In Motion let the smartphone world pass it by.

All of which points to a long-held truth in technology development: innovate or die. Steve Jobs saved Apple when that company was circling the drain fifteen years ago. Who will save RIM?