Arlington Cemetery Debuts New Interactive Map

Matthew Barakat, writing for The AP:

“the cemetery debuted an interactive map available through its website and through a free smartphone app. It uses geospatial technology to hone in on specific graves and can also be searched by name.

It can be accessed through the cemetery’s website.

When a name is called up, a viewer can see when the person was buried and the dates of their birth and death. Photos of the front and back of the headstone can also be viewed. Monuments and memorials that commemorate the service of specific military units are also included in the database.”

(Via WTOP.)

This is quite a comeback after the recent controversy over “who’s buried where.” There’s even a set of mobile apps available! This is a smart use of technology to help families and visitors learn where their loved ones and Americans of great stature have been laid to rest.

Great, good stuff.