iPad Resales Surge Over 700%

That headline is about re-sales … not exactly what comes to mind the day after Apple debuts two new iPad models.

Quentin Fottrell, writing for MarketWatch:

“While some people are trading in first and second generation iPads, both Nextworth and Gazelle say that nearly 70% of their resellers are dumping the iPad 3. In fact, the third generation iPad 32-gigabyte with Wi-Fi is the most popular device being traded in, according to Gazelle.com. Why? ‘Consumers can fetch up to $495 for an old iPad,’ Scarsella says. In other words, they can swap the used tablet for the mini and walk away with over $160.”

(via Cult of Mac.)

Interesting angle. Get a new iPad mini and pocket some cash at the same time.

Not sure I’d trade a Retina display iPad 3 with a faster, A6 processor for a smaller, slower and lower resolution iPad mini, but hey, I’m still happily using a first-generation iPad, so what do I know?