Microsoft Surface Tablet: An Alternate Universe

Marco Arment:

“The Surface is partially for Microsoft’s world of denial

In that world, this is a groundbreaking new tablet that you can finally use at work and leave your big creaky plastic Dell laptop behind when you go to the conference room to have a conference call on the starfish phone with all of the wires and dysfunctional communication.”

Jeez, sounds like Marco has been to my workplace.

He goes on:

But it’s not for me at all. Not even for testing, experimenting, or curiosity. It feels too much like using a Windows PC, which was exactly Microsoft’s intention, and it will appeal to people who want that. But that’s a world I fled 8 years ago with no intention of returning.

The Windows universe and the Surface tablet experience are akin to something I discovered a long time ago. I had lived the first two decades of my life in and around my home town, but my career choice would likely have me move away. My parents were contemplating leaving in retirement, too. About those ideas I had heard many people remark ‘Why leave? We have everything right here.’

What I found after I left was so much nicer in intangible ways that I’ve never regretted the act. My parents, who left the area five years later, had the same experience in a different direction. And what I’ve heard from others who left the same home town area at various phases of their life is wonder at why they didn’t do so sooner.

That’s exactly what I found when I wandered away from the Windows universe. The clunky, glitchy, gradually slowing-to-a-crawl world of computing I had known for twenty years was just a tired, dismal blot on an otherwise bright, comfortable landscape.

I wish Microsoft well with its new OS and hardware. To everyone else I’d say, move away. It’s nicer here.