iPhone 5 Misses North American Time Change

If your iPhone 5 was showing the wrong time when you awoke this morning, you’re not alone. We here in the eastern time zone found our phones indicating daylight savings time despite the overnight change.

A quick Twitter search shows others having the same trouble.

Upon closer examination it appears my time zone setting, set for “automatic,” picked up the wrong zone from Verizon. I suspect AT&T iPhone 5 owners experienced the same problem.

Examining the rest of my mobile Apple inventory, my wife’s iPad 2 with iOS 6 and Verizon service had the right time. My original iPad, with iOS 5 and AT&T service, had the right time. An iPhone 3GS with iOS 6 and  AT&T service had the right time. So I’m calling this an iPhone 5 problem.

Here’s how to get your phone back on track if this happened to you. Tap the Settings app, then select General, then Date & Time. Note the time zone setting, which is likely wrong despite the default automatic setting. Turn “Set Automatically” off. Then turn it back on. You should see a different time zone setting now, and your clock should be correct.