Barack Obama And The Death Of Normal

David Simon, creator of Homicide: Life on the Street, The Wire and Treme, wrote a short essay in the wake of last night’s election results. It’s an interesting, thoughtful piece on the meaning of those results. It explains a lot of the right-of-center angst, their anger, frustration and pain, and rings true to my ear.

It’s not about taxes, debt, Obamacare or any of the other issues that were kicked around this past year. The anger and frustration have been with us for a while, and have at their core a recognition that the America they so treasure and wish to conserve no longer exists.

Mitt and the GOP lost more than a handful of races, they lost mindshare. They ran a race for Reagan’s America, a place we haven’t lived in for a quarter century now.

The essay is worth a read.

(Via DF.)

(I hear that David Frum, a reliable mainstream conservative, will be out with a new, short ebook this Friday titled Why Romney Lost. He’s been writing it for about six weeks. It can be pre-ordered on Amazon. Clues to a viable future for the Republican party can probably be found within.)

(BTW, Frum has articles appearing here and there nearly nonstop, and links to them from his Twitter stream. Tonight he had a link to a short piece covering four useful ideas for conservative reforms to Obamacare. He’s a smart, moderate thinker with good ideas. Go follow him now.)