Krugman: The New Republicans

Paul Krugman tells us how he really feels:

”today’s Republican party is an alliance between the plutocrats and the preachers, plus some opportunists along for the ride — full stop.”

The heyday for old-school Republicans died when Ronald Reagan took the presidential oath of office. His “three-legged stool” brought social conservatives (largely Christian fundamentalists) into the big tent, and thus began the era of Federal intervention into our bedrooms.

Kruggo doesn’t believe there’s any true soul-searching going on within the party. I’d say there’s a re-strategizing going on, one that recognizes that the old formulas no longer hold true. No political party willingly goes extinct.

The GOP’s next chapter: Bobby Jindal, Friend of Immigrants, Women and Gays Everywhere™.

A GOP that remains aligned with the preachers and plutocrats (read: the Koch brothers, et al) will fail to greater degrees as the coming years progress. I’m counting on wiser heads prevailing, and not letting that happen. US politics best serve Americans when all parties are rational, fact-backed and well-grounded in issues that resonate with more than the fringe.

Who knows, maybe David Frum has a future with tomorrow’s Republican party. I don’t agree with all of his politics, but he’s a smart guy and an honest broker, and that goes a long way with me.