Microsoft Goes for the Gimmick

Ken Segall raises an issue I’ve long wondered about Microsoft’s (and the Android clones’) advertising. Who the hell are they targeting?

Apple ads: practical demonstration of people using Apple products in ways that non-geek, non-hipsters might. Upbeat, even cheerful tone.

Says: “Buy this. It’s great.”

Microsoft ads: surreal, choreographed demonstration of big company advertising budget. Dancers swing and sway with Surface tablets, attaching and disconnecting keyboards while not actually doing anything with the device. The selling point appears to be the magnetic click of attaching the keyboard, which is of admittedly nice design.

Says: “We have no idea what we’re doing, but we’re having fun doing it. We should have stuck to phones.”

Android ads: frightening, frat boy inspired demonstration of robotic equipment, cyborgs and wanna-be geeks attempting to pick up women by showing off their mobile devices. Yup, that’ll work. Gets ’em every time.

Says: I have no idea. I can’t figure out who this is supposed to appeal to. My wife says, “frat boys who like gadgets.” Close enough.