Postal Service to Say Goodbye to Mail Delivery on Saturdays


“It’s been debated for months and months, but on Wednesday the United States Postal Service finally will announce it’s not going to deliver first-class mail on Saturdays anymore.”

We wouldn’t be here if we allowed the US Postal Service to charge a market-based rate for their services.

Seriously, does ANYONE believe that 46-cents is a reasonable fee for carrying a letter-sized package anywhere in the US (including far-flung Hawaii and Alaskan ZIP codes)? For comparison, both UPS and Fedex, both well-respected courier services, charge over $9 to carry the smallest “letter” sized package, and they vary their rates by distance.

Wake up, America. We get what we pay for. If we want Saturday delivery, conveniently placed Post Offices and the like, we need to pay for it. 46-cents isn’t paying. It’s a giveaway.