Johnson Out at JC Penney

John Moltz, about Ron Johnson’s ouster as CEO of JC Penney today:

“You don’t turn around a crappy aircraft carrier full of chinos, Christmas sweaters and cheap curtains in two years. I liked what he was trying. It made me consider going into a JC Penney again.”

Me, too, though Kelly, not so much. Johnson used the Apple retail store motif he created years ago as a model for recreating Penney.

Some like the clean, austere look; some don’t. Apparently Penney shoppers don’t give a rat’s ass about design as much as they do weekly specials and SALE-SALE-SALE.

Unfortunately for Penney, Walmart and Target have that retail segment sewn up. Good luck to them.

I hear Apple is still looking for a Senior VP of Retail, after unloading the guy they hired after Johnson left for Penney. Hmm.