Why Lenovo Has Weathered the Great PC Collapse So Far

Brad Reed, writing for Boy Genius Report:

“there are a couple of reasons for this: First, Lenovo has been targeting its sales toward emerging markets such as Brazil and its native China, where demand for new PCs is higher than in the United States, Europe, Japan and Korea. Businessweek also says that Lenovo ‘makes almost one-third of its products in house, which helps it innovate and get those innovations to the market more quickly’”

One reason overlooked here: Lenovo is known for their iconic Thinkpad line of laptops, machines known for build quality and durability. They bought the Thinkpad line from IBM in 2005 and the product’s quality has never slipped. When companies and consumers want a top-quality Windows laptop this is what they buy. Take a look around airport departures lounges, what are the business travelers carrying? The majority hold Thinkpads.

Quality isn’t flashy, but it leads to success.