Donald Trump Is Making America Meaner – The New York Times

Nick Kristof, NYT:

We need not be apocalyptic about it. This is not Kristallnacht. But Trump’s harsh rhetoric tears away the veneer of civility and betrays our national motto of ‘e pluribus unum.’ He has unleashed a beast and fed its hunger, and long after this campaign is over we will be struggling to corral it again.

How fine a point do we need put on it? Hatred spreads downward, from politician to voter, from pundit to viewer, from parent to child.

Read that whole article to see where the hatred is spreading. Is it a local thing? Is this only bringing out what was already there, waiting for its opportunity to arise? Or is this the death rattle of a dying breed?

I prefer to believe it’s the latter. Believe what you will. Another couple of generations and there will be far less of this callous hatred for our fellow human. What are you doing to derail it today?