Hunker Down, and pay no Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain

The man behind the curtain is the Electoral College, and you should pay it no mind, because it will only affirm today what was reported in the wee hours of November 9. There will be no change, no sudden submission to the public will, no more than there was in 2000.

Place no hope in the Electors growing a conscience and bolting their party-directed duties. Electors are, after all, party hacks appointed or elected by the two major parties to do one thing only: vote for their party’s nominated candidate who stood for election the previous November. The states where the GOP candidate won the majority of the popular vote will send only GOP Electors, and the same holds true for the sates where the Democratic candidate took the majority. Only Maine and Nebraska send a proportion of Electors equal to the popular vote ratio.

Only one Elector has publicly stated recently that he’ll decline to follow through and vote for his state’s majority pick. Politically, today was over even before it began.