iOS 10.2 ate my Battery

I updated my iPhone to iOS version 10.2 this past week. While I usually hold off updating to newly released OS versions, a point release update is usually a safe move. Not this time!

My first clue came on my way to town later in the same day. I looked at the phone as I put it in my pocket and found the battery level down to 9% after little activity. 9%. I don’t normally hit that level until late in the evening, if then. This phone is only seven months old, after all.

I charged the phone in the car, reaching 40% by the time I arrived. That should have been enough for a three-mile walk and light texting. By the time I finished those activities, though, I was down to 19%. Shortly after I was into single digits. Clearly something was wrong.

A quick reboot and recharge brought the battery up into the sixties, but not long later the phone was back to single digits. That’s when I went looking online for other users having problems.

Google “iOS 10.2 battery” to see what I found. Short version: iOS 10.2 has a battery issue for some users. Unfortunately Apple has stopped code signing the last sub-version of iOS 10.1, so there’s no going back without restoring from backup.

So, two options: fall back to my latest nightly backup, or jump into the next beta release. The beta was mentioned online as improving the situation.

I don’t recommend beta software use for most users, but if you’re in the battery hole with 10.2’s problem, this update fixed it for me. Go here to sign up for the public beta. Accept the terms and install the beta tester profile, then reboot. On the phone go to Settings-General-Software Update. You’ll find 10.2.1 beta (or later by the time you read this) available for download. Do so, and reboot again.

Battery life is back to normal.

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