I Wish to Hell I’d Just Kept Saying the Exact Same Thing

Jonathan Alter, The New York Times:

Obama has already said that, unlike George W. Bush, he won’t refrain from commenting on his successor. Biden may go further. Amid discussion of resistance to Trump, he surprised me with talk of 2020, when he’ll turn 78. ‘I’ll run,’ the vice president deadpanned, ‘if I can walk.’ Three days later, he informed the Washington press corps that he wasn’t joking.

Biden isn’t likely to run, but keeping the door ajar gives him a bigger voice in Democratic Party debates.

This gives me great encouragement to continue calling out Donald Trump’s contradictory claims that will become fraudulent statements as president.

Ex-presidents have, as a rule, receded from public view as a newly elected executive takes office. It’s seen as part of the peaceful transfer of power. While Friday’s transfer of the office of President of the United States will indeed be peaceful, the fact that a demonstrable liar and narcissist is taking the oath of office is good reason to break with that tradition.

As for Biden, I ask the same question, “what if?” He’d certainly have connected with working class Americans better than Hillary Clinton. We’ll never know.

I doubt Biden will run in 2020.

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