Pence Clarifies What Trump Meant When he Said ‘Insurance for Everybody’

Lauren Fox, Talking Points Memo:

Vice President-elect Mike Pence took the liberty on CNN Wednesday of clarifying what Donald Trump really meant when he said in a Washington Post interview that he wanted to see ‘insurance for everybody.’

“I think it means making insurance affordable for everyone, but also allowing for the kinds of reforms in Medicaid on a state-by-state basis that will ensure — that will make sure that we have health care coverage for the most vulnerable in our society,’ Pence said”

Phew! For a moment there I took him literally, not seriously, and thought Mr. Trump meant insurance for EVERYBODY. That sounded a lot like a Medicare expansion to the entire US population.

Just think of the repercussions of that. All those people getting reasonably-priced health insurance not tied to their employment status, and a larger pool of insured to keep risk low and help negotiate lower drug and service prices. We wouldn’t want any of that!

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