We Have a Phrase for This: Don’t Feed the Trolls

David Brooks, The NYT:

We’re living with exactly the kinds of injustices that lead to carnival culture, and we’ve crowned a fool king. Donald Trump exists on two levels: the presidential level and the fool level. On one level he makes personnel and other decisions. On the other he tweets. (I honestly don’t know which level is more important to him.)

His tweets are classic fool behavior. They are raw, ridiculous and frequently self-destructive. He takes on an icon of the official culture and he throws mud at it. The point is not the message of the tweet. It’s to symbolically upend hierarchy, to be oppositional.

Instructive column. Part history lesson, part explication.

Brooks resolves not to respond to Trump’s fool behavior, but rather respond only on the president’s official words and acts. Probably a lead worth following. I could still call him a fraud, and still be correct …

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