Politics Doesn’t End With an Election

Julia Ioffe, The Atlantic:

“I believe real progress is made when people who are not part of the group also fight for their rights,” said a young man named Gbenga. He had a sign that said “Even men are better when women make choices.”

Yes, indeed.

Mid-term elections are in 2018. That’s not far off. Tune in when candidates begin speaking up.

In the mean time, today is a great day to write three brief letters, establishing a relationship with your two US senators and Representative. Be respectful, but direct. Tell them how you feel about the recent inauguration, why, and what you want them to do for you in the coming two years. Don’t pile on a list of demands. Be concise.

Use your computer, but make the letters personal in tone. Save the three letters after printing. Be sure to hand-sign them.

Write another three letters every month, using the letters you’ve saved as a start. Write more often if an issue arises that you need to be heard on. Just replace the previous body with a new one, sign, and send.

This comes at the cost of a half-hour of your time, three sheets of paper, three envelopes and three stamps per month. The result of repeated, respectful direction to your representatives will surprise you, even if their politics don’t agree with yours.

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