Wake-up Coming

Mr. Trump’s wake-up is fast approaching. He claimed, at a meeting with business leaders today, that he would cut middle class taxes and impose a border tax on imports (Caitlin MacNeal, TPM):

During a Monday morning meeting with business leaders, President Donald Trump said that he plans on cutting taxes for the middle class and companies.

The President also said that he would like to reduce regulations on companies in the United States and impose a tax on American companies that build products abroad and then sell them in the U.S.

There-in lies one of the problems for someone who claims that a “successful businessman” would make a great president. Government does not run like a business. There are three co-equal branches to the US government, and it’s far from sure the other two will see things Mr. Trump’s way.

A business chief executive, on the other hand, rules by fiat, with only shareholders, if any, to answer to.

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