About That Wall

Ron Nixon – The New York Times:

President Trump’s Homeland Security secretary, John F. Kelly, has been clear about his views on a border wall with Mexico: It won’t work.

When asked by senators about his views on a border wall during his confirmation hearing this month, Mr. Kelly, a retired general, said a “physical barrier will not do the job.”

Mr. Trump said on Wednesday that he would order the construction of a wall along the United States-Mexico border, fulfilling his campaign promise to crack down on illegal immigration and stop the flow of drugs coming into the United States.

It would appear Mr. Trump and his DHS secretary, retired general John F. Kelly, disagree on how best to secure the US southern border. According to Kelly, “it won’t work.” He should know – he commanded the US Southern Command.

Mr. Trump today signed an order to begin further construction of a border wall between the US and Mexico. Left unsaid was who will pay for it. Maybe this is the infrastructure spending Mr. Trump also promised during his campaign.

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