Given that media reports showing relatively small crowds gathered for Mr. Trump’s inauguration “demoralized” him and his team, imagine what’ll happen the first time Congressional Republicans don’t rubber-stamp his wishes.

Realize no legislation has crossed anyone’s desk, yet. Mr. Trump has yet to hear the word “no” from a co-equal branch of government.

Maybe it’ll come during debate over repealing the Affordable Care Act. Perhaps when Mr. Trump moves to re-open CIA “black sites,” or when he asks for appropriations to pay for the wall he ordered up today.

Congress holds the purse-strings, Mr. Trump. There’s a long history of both party majorities going their own way despite holding the White House.

Whatever the issue, we’re in store for the mother of all shit-fits when that first significant disagreement occurs. Hell hath no fury like a narcissist, un-heeded and un-adored.

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