∴ Neil Gorsuch

From what I’m reading (all over the place, more than I care to link to; go look it up for yourself) judge Neil Gorsuch appears not much different in political temperament than the justice he’s been nominated to replace, Antonin Scalia. Maybe a little more to the right in his writing, though that’s a matter of opinion on which I’m not qualified to comment. His guiding legal theory is said to be similar to Scalia’s originalism.

Suffice to say that a Supreme Court gaining Gorsuch doesn’t appear materially different than the Court featuring Scalia. While his politics aren’t my cup of tea – justices profess putting aside their politics when rendering judgement, but I believe anyone who’s tuned-in enough to gain a law degree must be swayed by a point of view gained from study and thought – we’ve known a right-leaning high court for most of our lives.

I don’t believe elected officials have the moral authority to not do their job. The Republican notion that President Obama shouldn’t have nominated a Supreme Court justice in the last year of his administration was wrong, and would have required an abdication of responsibility exceeded only by the Republican-led Congress of 2013-2017. Obama did his job.

Justice Anthony Kennedy was nominated in the last year or so of President Reagan’s second term. I don’t recall much complaint about that. The Court needed a new justice.

I’d prefer to have seen Merrick Garland given a fair hearing. I’d prefer Hillary Clinton have won the recent election and make the next couple of nominations, too. And I suppose the people in hell would prefer an air conditioner. We deal with life as we have it and work for better.

I’m sure there’s a body of Gorsuch’s opinions to complain about. Presidents, however, are given the privilege of their choices, and Mr. Trump chose Neil Gorsuch. I can’t condone foot-dragging on his nomination any more than I accept the GOP’s intransigence on Garland’s nomination.

It’s becoming clear who the “enemies of the republic” are (my phrase). My feeling is, don’t become one of them.

Gorsuch should get a fair hearing by the Senate Judiciary Committee, and if he’s found acceptable a vote of the full Senate is in order. Let’s end the long vacancy created by Antonin Scalia’s unexpected demise.

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