Amplifying Her Message

Matt Flegenheimer – The New York Times:

Republicans seized her microphone. And gave her a megaphone.

Silenced on the Senate floor for condemning a peer, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Democrat of Massachusetts, emerged on Wednesday in a coveted role: the avatar of liberal resistance in the age of Trump

Senator McConnell will so regret this move. The very next day several Democratic senators stood in the well of the Senate to read the very same letter, but were not censured. Surely it was  the context – these senators were not offering testimony against Senator Jefferson Sessions in his confirmation hearing for Attorney General of the United States.

And yet. What Senator McConnell did was no less than give the resistance to Donald Trump a face, an already popular one, at that.

There is much dissatisfaction among Americans about their new president. That’s cause. Now we have a person, a senator, no less, as focus for that cause.

The GOP will rue the day they nominated Mr. Trump as their candidate. His election will be nothing short of pyrrhic.

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