Disappearance of the Biggest Scandal in Washington

David Corn – Mother Jones:

According to the consensus assessment of US intelligence agencies, Russian intelligence, under the orders of Vladimir Putin, mounted an extensive operation to influence the 2016 campaign to benefit Donald Trump. This was a widespread covert campaign that included hacking Democratic targets and publishing swiped emails via WikiLeaks. And it achieved its objectives. But the nation’s capital remains under-outraged by this subversion. The congressional intelligence committees announced last month that they will investigate the Russian hacking and also examine whether there were any improper contacts between the Trump camp and Russia during the campaign. (A series of memos attributed to a former British counterintelligence officer included allegations of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.) Yet these behind-closed-doors inquiries have generated minimum media notice, and, overall, there has not been much outcry.

Lack of outcry is the result of playing Mr. Trump’s game of misdirection. We’re spending all of our outrage on his poor performance as president, rather than letting some spill into larger and possibly greater issues. Note to legitimate media outlets: keep your eye on the ball.

It’s not that an investigation isn’t happening. We’re just not hearing much about it. That’s typical of a criminal investigation, but where was this professional discretion in the matter of Hillary Clinton’s email server just prior to the election?

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