Trump Bias Forces Out an Opinion Editor at WSJ

Rosie Gray – The Atlantic:

The Wall Street Journal’s editorial features editor has left the paper following tensions over the section drifting in a pro-Donald Trump direction.

News of the departure of Mark Lasswell, who edited op-eds for the Journal, comes as the paper’s internal tensions over Trump have begun to spill into public view.

The WSJ has always been reliably right-of-center. Now comes a “conservative” president leaning into authoritarianism, stirring hatreds and fears, successfully distilling them for votes. What to do? Looks like the Journal took the wrong path:

According to two sources with direct knowledge of the situation, Lasswell was in effect phased out over a period of months from the paper. He took a book leave during the election following conflict with his boss Paul Gigot, the editorial page director, about the extent to which the page should run material sympathetic to Trump.

Phased out the features editor?!

That right there is a shame. The not-newspaper of record has unloaded a principled editor at the behest of a long-time, well-known and award-winning, yet ideologically compromised Paul Gigot. Here’s the ugly internals:

According to a source close to Lasswell, the relationship between Lasswell and Gigot broke down in June when Gigot blocked Lasswell from publishing op-eds critical of Trump’s business practices and which raised questions about his alleged ties to Mafia figures.

Journal folks, you officially have a credibility problem. Your man, and we can now finger him as your man, is in the White House and you are firing those who refuse to become his toady. For shame.

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