Trump Vexed by Challenges, Scale of Government

A revealing look inside the Trump White House by Alex Isenstadt, Kenneth P. Vogel, and Josh Dawsey on POLITICO ends with this quote:

“I’m not disappointed in the President’s work so far – he operates like many great CEO’s I know – and I hope he continues to manage the country in a manner worlds apart from the way we’ve seen in the past,” said Michael Caputo, who was a Trump campaign aide. “It’s about time.”

Mistake number one: believing that a business chief executive can work as president of the United States in the same way he or she did in the private sector. CEOs rule by fiat, and answer only to the board of directors and shareholders, if any. US Presidents are subject to oversight and consent by the courts, Congress, and the American people. You know, all those folks protesting around the country. Must chap his hide.

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