In Lieu of Tonight’s Upbeat Post of the Day, Images From The Westminster

Alan Taylor – The Atlantic:

A total of 2,908 dogs were entered in this year’s 141st annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, consisting of 200 different breeds or varieties. “Best in Show” was awarded yesterday to a German Shepherd named Rumor.

Click through for photos from this year’s show. Beautiful dogs.

We watch both nights every year, with particular enjoyment of the sporting and working groups. Retriever owners can relate. And of course we wait out the Best In Show round before toddling off to bed.

The images of the year were, for me, captured by photos #15 and #16. Devlin, a Boxer, was handled by Diego Garcia, and received an elated hug the likes of which I’ve never seen at Westminster. Diego is a very happy handler. I was glad to see them both as group winners.

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