Why Did Manafort Continue With His Russian Connections At All?

Matt Shuham – TPM:

Donald Trump’s former campaign manager said Wednesday that he didn’t think it was even “inadvertently” possible that he had spoken to Russian officials during the campaign.

Manafort seemed to be responding to reports from the New York Times and CNN that members of Trump’s campaign had repeated contact with Russian officials, including intelligence officers, during the campaign.

Begs the question why the campaign chairman for a party’s candidate would have any ongoing connections with the Russian government.

Manafort was a businessman who claimed Russian business ties before he became Mr. Trump’s campaign manager. Seems he, and others in his shoes, would want to put aside their business ties for the duration of the campaign. The appearance or actuality of contact with Russian government officials or intelligence agents taints his candidate. Manafort was forced to step down as a result.

Either not too bright, or purposeful for reasons that are gradually becoming clearer. And I have a hard time believing Manafort is a dope.

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