∴ Chaps My Hide

I’ll bet most of you who see me regularly didn’t notice a lack of eyeglasses the last three or four months. I broke my last pair last year and, knowing I could take eye care insurance for 2017, decided to forego replacing them right away.

I can see without glasses. I can’t read up close so well, and distance vision is … challenging. My driver’s license says I *need* corrective lenses, but I get by. I haven’t hit anyone, yet.

New year, new insurance, a visit with my optometrist (Shannon Colbourne, recommended for my Warrenton peeps), and a frame fitting. My prescription has revealed two things. My distance vision has pulled in, and my reading correction has pushed out. At some point they’ll touch, I guess, and then I can check the box for “legally blind” on my taxes. Not today, though.

What was to be a pair of ultra-light rimless lenses morphed into a pair that will make me a distant cousin of Edward Nygma (scroll down a bit for a close-up). My fashion consultant was pleased and, I admit, so was I. Another week or so and the results will be on my face and passers-by will hear me say, “I can SEE.”

No victory occurs without loss. I’ve been on a random, recurring schedule for oral crowns with my dentist. I had one installed within the last six months, in fact. The tooth below it is a crown too, though of an older, less hard manufacture. And it’s part of a three-piece bonded bridge. So of course I’d chip that crown in the same week I claimed vision victory. I swear I’m slowly beginning to realize why people opt for dentures.

But hey, new glasses! Upcoming selfie! Weee!

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