Mr. Trump’s Press Conference

Mr. Trump staged a mystifyingly odd performance at today’s White House press briefing. What began as an announcement of his next nominee to be secretary of labor turned into a lie-filled screed against, well, nearly everyone who didn’t vote for him. An unfamiliarity with the truth, and a lack of interest in issues outside his own narrow view will do that.

His performance today should have shown leadership to an increasingly unsettled Congressional GOP. He probably made things worse. Republican legislators and the world got to witness a president of the United States adrift from reality, the embodiment of unhinged.

I wonder what effect it had on his supporters, though. The same people who didn’t care enough about his shortcomings to vote him into the White House probably don’t care what he said today, or that “chaos” is an apt description of his administration despite his rendering it as “a finely tuned machine.”

But hey, “Benghazi.” “Emails.” “Lock her up.” They asked for this dumpster fire.

FWIW, notes from The Washington Post. Click through for the transcript. The man has issues:

A solemn President Trump turned his Thursday afternoon announcement of a new labor secretary nominee into a screed against the media and large-scale defense of his first four weeks as president.

It was remarkable. Trump hit all the usual points: The polls, the electoral college, the media, etc. He even said that he inherited a “mess” four separate times. There were grievances galore.

Below is the transcript, which we’ll update as it comes in, along with our analysis and annotations.

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