Nick Kristoff on Trump, Congress, and Scandal

The New York Times:

I referred to Trump last year as “the Russian poodle,” and we’ve known for years of Trump’s financial ties to Russia, with his son Donald Jr. saying in 2008, “We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia.” It’s all the more important now that Trump release his tax returns so that we can understand any financial leverage Russia has over him. Yet the same Republicans who oversaw eight investigations of Benghazi shrug at far greater concerns involving Trump and Russia.

Republicans aren’t interested in finding the truth of Mr. Trump’s actions. They’re happy to have “their guy” in the White House, even if they have to squint just-so to see past his crookedness.

You need to care. There’s a trail of evidence known to US intelligence agencies and reported on in the press. It connects Trump campaign aids with Russian officials, ex-national security advisor Michael Flynn with the Russian ambassador, Russia’s non-response to President Obama’s sanctions immediately after Flynn conducted calls with Russian officials, and a British intelligence dossier of evidence that’s just this week been partly corroborated. There is good reason to suspect Russia acted and succeeded in tipping the US election in Trump’s favor.

These are treasonous acts if substantiated, and should lead to removal of the president if tied directly to him. An investigation is needed to find out.

Such an investigation must begin with Congress, because the Department of Justice simply cannot be trusted. It is both under the direction of Jeff Sessions, a deeply compromised man, and employs James Comey’s FBI as its investigative arm. Comey is the one who repeatedly made reference to Hillary Clinton’s emails in the final several months of the campaign, biasing public opinion. Both are creatures of the Trump administration.

Yet witness what action Congress has taken to date: investigation the Benghazi non-affair eight times while giving a pass to Trump on his taxes, which would reveal how deeply he’s compromised by Russian ties to his businesses.

The way to get an investigation begins with you contacting your senators and congressman, and telling them to get on it.

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