The Downfall of Kellyanne Conway

Erin Gloria Ryan – The New York Times:

As Kellyanne’s once-forceful cable news denials have disintegrated into whimpers, I can’t say I feel anything for her at all. I don’t mind when people point out how tired she looks. I simply cannot dredge up any sympathy for a person who has acknowledged the structural problems most women face only when she is personally facing them, or used them as derailing tactics when she’s losing an argument. I can’t mourn the downfall of a fair-weather feminist, a woman who has used her power to hurt other women.

Ms. Conway made her bed. And now it’s time for her to get some sleep.

Conway has become the most trotted-out of the Trump enablers, more visible even than Press Secretary Sean Spicer. It’s become clear that she, like Spicer, utters no truth not convenient to her boss. Since the truth is a stranger to Mr. Trump, it is to Kellyanne Conway as well. And so we get lies, and lies about lies.

It’s useful to know that fraud runs all the way through this administration, like a ribbon of tough gristle through a pricey cut of meat. When you don’t know what to believe, believe nothing, lest you fall for lies.

It spoke volumes when MSNBC’s Morning Joe banned Conway’s appearance on their air. There is nothing to be gained from listening to a paid lier.

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