If You Like Return Of The Jedi But Hate the Ewoks, You Understand Feminist Criticism

Caroline Siede – The A.V. Club:

“Return Of The Jedi is great, but the Ewoks are so annoying.” That’s a pretty common refrain from Star Wars fans. In fact there are whole fan edits dedicated to removing the little fuzzy bears from the film’s climax; I can only assume they’re made by the most hardcore of Star Wars lovers. The idea that a movie can be good despite its weaker elements is one of the most basic tenets of film criticism. Yet when it comes to dissecting films from a feminist viewpoint, we seem to have trouble keeping that in mind.

… and …

If the Avengers team were made up of three or four women it wouldn’t be such a problem for Black Widow to have an arc that involves romance. But as it stands, she has to be all things to all people when it comes to the film’s female characters, and the filmmakers who create her are (understandably) buckling under that pressure.

That would explain the cat suit that unfortunately can’t be zipped up over Scarlett’s cleavage.

Anyway, I’ve always dinged Return of the Jedi for the Ewoks, but Caroline’s point is well taken. The film is entertaining and a satisfying end (for its era) to the Star Wars saga. But I fucking hated the Ewoks at first sight.

Loved Scarlett Johansson in just about everything she’s done, though, particularly Lost In Translation. I mean, Oh My God.

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