Corpse Reviver #2, #2

A frosty white cocktail with cherry at the bottom of the glass, a container of dark cherries behind

A redux on Friday’s classic cocktail of the day, the Corpse Reviver #2. This time I took the absinthe out of the shaken ingredients and used it as a rinse for the glass.

The Corpse Reviver is one of a handful of cocktails regarded as “hair of the dog,” dosed the day after an evening of over-consumption. In other words, a hangover killer. I can imagine this drink used that way, when the palate’s a wreck, head a throbbing sore, and outlook somewhat south of kill-me-now.

Two observations: first, the scent of absinthe above the wash line was pleasing, but the small volume of residual liquor contributed nothing to the drink’s flavor. That left lime juice, Cointreau, Cocchi Americano, and gin to forge a cocktail. And that drink just didn’t do anything for me. The Cocchi was wasted, the lime overpowering this proportion, the gin flavorless under the lime, and the Cointreau an overpriced component in this arrangement.

Second, Including absinthe in the shaken ingredients does this cocktail justice, but it’s still an acquired taste. Lime predominates, anise acts as a weaker counterpoint, but there’s no center to the drink.

I’m up in the air about this cocktail. I don’t think I blew the preparation. Maybe I just don’t care for the drink.

Some day I’ll find a bar that gives a damn about well-made cocktails, a barman who knows this drink, and enjoy one well-made.

I’ve given it two tries, a fair hearing, and I’m moving on.

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