White House Requests FBI Knock Down Recent Trump-Russia Stories

Jim Scuitto, Evan Perez, Shimon Prokupecz, Manu Raju, and Pamela Brown – CNNPolitics.com:

The FBI rejected a recent White House request to publicly knock down media reports about communications between Donald Trump’s associates and Russians known to US intelligence during the 2016 presidential campaign, multiple US officials briefed on the matter tell CNN.

White House officials had sought the help of the bureau and other agencies investigating the Russia matter to say that the reports were wrong and that there had been no contacts, the officials said. The reports of the contacts were first published by The New York Times and CNN on February 14.

The office of the president of the United States attempted to suborn the FBI, investigating the Trump campaign’s connections to the Russian government, and other agencies of the US government in fabrication of a cover story.

When this administration’s filthy laundry is made public, this will be known as the first impeachable offense of the cover-up.

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