AG Sessions Says DOJ to ‘Pull Back’ on Police Department Civil Rights Suits

Pete Williams – NBC News:

Donald Trump’s attorney general said Tuesday the Justice Department will limit its use of a tactic employed aggressively under President Obama — suing police departments for violating the civil rights of minorities.

“We need, so far as we can, to help police departments get better, not diminish their effectiveness. And I’m afraid we’ve done some of that,” said Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

“So we’re going to try to pull back on this,” he told a meeting of the nation’s state attorneys general in Washington.

Police shootings of unarmed black men were down in 2016, suggesting DoJ civil rights suits against departments responsible for earlier shootings, and the retraining and restraint programs put into effect by them as a result have had good effect.

So why does our attorney general want to take his foot off the gas now? He says he wants to “help them get better.” Better is not shooting unarmed black men, or unarmed anyone else. Better is holding borderline police departments’ feet to the fire.

AG Sessions is backing off what works.

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