Congress and Mr. Trump, Hard at Work

As of tonight, the night before Mr. Trump addresses a joint session of Congress, the total new-laws-passed count stands at



5.  <— click me!



Six weeks into the Trump administration we have five new laws enacted, no substantive campaign promises kept, Republican Congressmen talking “independent prosecutor,” and the president telling us “nobody knew health care could be so complicated.”

Yes we did, Don.

The Heritage Foundation knew when they ginned up a white paper on it in 1993, Mitt Romney and the Massachusetts legislature knew when they negotiated and enacted their plan, the Obama administration and the 113th Congress knew when they negotiated the Affordable Care Act. Any patient with significant health problems and bills out the wazoo knows it. Even ignorant citizens claiming ”Obamacare” is not the Affordable Care Act know it.

You, though, don’t know it. You don’t appear to know much of anything useful for leading our country.

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