The Three Failures of Trump’s Speech to Congress

David Frum – The Atlantic:

Last night would have been the perfect occasion to call for an independent inquiry to vindicate Trump from unfair insinuations that his team colluded with Russian espionage to sway the 2016 election. If Donald Trump were conscientious, last night would have been a magnificent opportunity to review progress toward disentangling himself from the Trump business and erecting the ethical firewall his team again and again have promised to the American people.

He did not, and he will not, because he cannot afford the gamble of open inquiry.

As Frum goes on to say, Mr. Trump is nothing if not a gambler. He’s enjoyed great success and suffered great failure for prior gambles. Even now he’s only one or two removes from true disaster should dots continue connecting, as they have the past few weeks, between his campaign, his top-line advisors, and the Russian government. Open inquiry is a gamble too much even for Trump.

Recall how Trump sidestepped prior business disasters: bankruptcy court. That’s not an option for a president. Where does that leave us, should Trump’s personal gamble fail?

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