∴ Note the Disgrace. Don’t Turn Away. Face It.

In a single day Mr. Trump laid blame for the death of Navy Senior Chief William Ryan Owens on “his generals,” and trotted out Owens’ widow Carryn in the House gallery during his address to a joint session of Congress. That he enjoyed the glow of presenting the terribly distressed, grieving widow to America and the world, during what must be the worst days of her life, while refusing to accept his own responsibility for the loss of her husband’s life is the act of a coward and of a commander who does not deserve the billet, a man so devoid of moral authority and humility as to earn the description disgusting disgrace.

There is not one shred of decency in Mr. Trump, a serial lier and would-be plutocrat. Slapped down by federal courts, he lashed out at “so-called judges.” Investigated and reported on by a free press, he lashed out at reporters as “the enemy of the United States.” Faced with the first service member death on his watch, he sidestepped and threw responsibility upon his top commanders, saying, “they lost Ryan.” Blame, blackball, duck.

Mr. Trump has shown himself unworthy of the title commander-in-chief and president of the United States. The day his campaign’s ties to the Russian government and intelligence apparatus come to light cannot come soon enough.

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