Jeff Sessions Hasn’t Even Read the DOJ’s Landmark Reports on Police Abuse in Ferguson and Chicago

Brandon Ellington Patterson – Mother Jones:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions acknowledged Monday that he hasn’t read the Obama-era Department of Justice reports on abuses committed by police departments in Chicago and Ferguson, Missouri. Sessions, who is now the nation’s top law enforcement official, said he’s only read summaries of the two reports, according to Reuters, and, apparently, he found no reason to read on.

Just yesterday AG Sessions announced a pull-back on civil rights-based DoJ lawsuits against police agencies found engaging in discriminatory policing. And now he admits not fully reading reports on two of the more egregious cases of discriminatory policing in recent history. There’s a wealth of reporting on these reports, and links to supporting data in the MJ article.

What’s next? Has Attorney General Sessions ever heard of Freddie Gray?

Bravo, AG Sessions. Bravo, too, disgusting disgrace Trump. Well played. Pulled another one over on the black man.

Wake up, America. Justice demands it.

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