Obama Administration Rushed to Preserve Intelligence of Russian Election Hacking

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Matthew Rosenberg, Adam Goldman, and Michael S. Schmidt – The New York Times:

The New York Times, citing four current and former officials, reported last month that American authorities had obtained information of repeated contacts between Mr. Trump’s associates and senior Russian intelligence officials. The White House has dismissed the story as false.

Since the Feb. 14 article appeared, more than a half-dozen officials have confirmed contacts of various kinds between Russians and Trump associates. The label “intelligence official” is not always cleanly applied in Russia, where ex-spies, oligarchs and government officials often report back to the intelligence services and elsewhere in the Kremlin.

Steven L. Hall, the former head of Russia operations at the C.I.A., said that Mr. Putin was surrounded by a cast of characters, and that it was “fair to say that a good number of them come from an intelligence or security background. Once an intel guy, always an intel guy in Russia.”

The Senate Intelligence Committee began an investigation of the Trump campaign’s ties to Russian intelligence agents in January. The FBI is in the midst of an investigation of their own. Today, the House Intelligence Committee announced that it, too, would open an investigation of the Trump campaign’s ties to Russian intelligence.

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