REPORT: White House Lied to Journalists About Trump Speech in ‘Misdirection Play’

Alex Griswold – Mediaite:

CNN reported Wednesday on a senior administration official admitting that the White House intentionally misled reporters ahead of President Donald Trump‘s congressional address in order to get generate positive press coverage as part of a “misdirection play.”

Multiple reports Tuesday indicated that Trump would embrace a more moderate tone on immigration and would announce that he was willing to negotiate granting millions of illegal immigrants legal status. Most of those reports, cited to a “senior administration official,” came immediately after anchors lunched with Trump. Some of those outlets then just attributed the claim to the president himself.

But when it was time for Trump to actually give the speech, he said nothing of the sort.


Learn: self-serving narcissists with delusions of grandeur will play you all day, every day to get what they want. First person experience: you cannot ever win, or break even. They will deceive you and shake your hand bearing a smile. They always bear a knife for your back.

When will you take this man at face value? He is a disgusting disgrace who will stop at nothing to further his interests.

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